Friends of Benthal

Who are we?
Friends of Benthal  is a group of parents and carers who organise events for the children and raise funds for the School. We try to meet about twice a term to plan events and talk over ideas. All parents and carers are welcome to come along. The meetings last for an hour or so and are a good way to get to know fellow parents. Look for letters or posters advertising them.


Charitable status
Friends of Benthal have charitable status. This is so that we can access grants to enable us to raise funds, outside of our normal activities. If you have any expertise or knowledge in this area or are interested in fundraising, please get in touch. There are specific grants for all sorts of different things, for example, musical instruments, steel pans, flutes, clarinets, cellos etc.,


What kind of events does Friends of Benthal organise?
We organise Summer and Winter fairs. We hold cake sales each half term. We have also hold quiz nights which have proved to be a lot of fun. We are always open to new ideas, and are happy to try new events. We have held a bingo night, and most recently a family film afternoon which was really popular. For notice of all these events we usually send a letter home with your child and put posters up around the school, keep an eye on this website too for information.


What does the school do with the money that FoB raise?
We purchase things that would otherwise be difficult to pay from from the school’s budget. For example, in 2016  we raised £20,000 to put towards new playground equipment, contributed to the new PE equipment and bought equipment for some of the after school clubs – e.g. table tennis tables, drums and guitars. In the past, we provided 20 cameras for the school to help keep a record of the children’s activities.


How can I donate money?
We have a ‘JustGiving’ page which you can use to donate money. Please see the link below:

Does helping mean that I have to come to meetings?
Not at all, you can help in other ways by baking some cakes now and then, helping to sell raffle tickets, taking admission money at the discos or helping to run a stall at one of the fairs (see above for more details). We welcome offers of help whatever your talent, whether it is face painting for the fairs, poster design, or the ability to persuade companies to donate prizes for the raffle. FoB is always looking for new volunteers and new ideas, any contribution is a bonus. If you would like to say something at the meeting but can’t make it, just get in touch, by phone, e-mail or chatting at the school gate- there’s usually someone about.

 We are looking for a parent who could help us with grant applications, so if you are interested, please contact the school office.

But I’m really busy with work and family and lots of things going on at home.
That is OK, and is true for all families using the school, but the more people who can help the better. If you are interested we do have a e-mail list that, combined with the newsletter and occasional letters and posters, will keep you informed about activities. To join the group, please leave your name and e-mail address with the office or e-mail Vicky Marks (Chair) and we will e-mail you an invitation. All you do then is accept the invitation and select how often you would like to receive the e-mails from the group – for example, as they happen or as a daily summary.


What if I can’t help out but have something I want to say about the school or FoB?
FoB are always open to input. Also, the school and the teachers are keen to hear the views of parents and carers, and FoB can pass on your thoughts to the school – there is usually a teacher or two at our meetings. But it’s generally best to make an appointment with your child’s teacher, or with the Headteacher. Alternatively, it may be more appropriate to contact your child’s class Parent Voice Representative who has overall responsibility to share concerns and make suggestions to the school. The school office can put you in contact with the Parent Voice Representative.


How do I get in touch with FoB?


You can always leave a note at the school office with your contact details and we’ll get back to you.