As a pupil at Benthal, opportunities here are endless. From in school music lessons, orchestras workshops, special visitors, learning weeks such as 'Art Week', new learning, new equipment, a creative curriculum, day trips, residential trips, individual, class and whole school projects, the list goes on and on! It's an amazing place to be for a child in their primary years.

As a teacher, I began here as a student and I'm now currently a year 3 teacher, subject leader for Art & DT and even get to run a weekly animation club! I've been allowed to explore so much here and have been given the opportunity to improve my own skills and learning to help make Benthal the brilliant place it is today. I even got to paint a giant swift on the school's main hall wall for a whole school project! Every person, big or small has the opportunity to grow as a person at Benthal, it's just fantastic.