Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Our Year 5 staff are: 

Teachers – Thahira Rahim

Teaching Assistant – Dave Brade


Latest news and work from Year 5 Willow.
School Closure Information
 In the case where a whole class/bubble is isolating the following will apply:
- There will be live teaching sessions on Zoom. 
- Activities will be sent in a home learning pack and information shared on Marvellous ME.
-The work set will follow the timetable arranged for remote learning as well as for the class had they been in school, wherever possible.
Where possible, it is beneficial for young people to maintain a regular and familiar routine. Benthal Primary School would recommend that each ‘school day’ maintains structure.
If you require any advice or support or have any queries regarding home learning, the class teacher will be available via email on

Oxford Owl have made free ebooks available during the duration of school closures so that your child has more to read. If you know, your child’s reading level, you can download the levelled books for them to read independently.
Games, words and print lists for you to explore:

Focus on year 5 and keep an eye out for updates:
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Physical Education

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