Our Staff

You can speak to a teacher by contacting the school office to arrange an appointment.
Senior Leadership Team

Ms Louise Drew


Ms Tracy Williams

Deputy Headteacher

Ms Christiane Nkaka

Assistant Headteacher (EYFS and KS1)

Ms Jill Joseph

Assistant Headteacher (Safeguarding and Inclusion)

Ms Anna Jassim

School Business Manager


Ms Ruth Turner Morgan

PSHE Leader and Teacher - Nursery (MULBERRY)

Ms Andrea Laux

Teacher - REC (PINE)

Ms Christina Adedeji

RE Leader and Teacher - REC (ASPEN)

Ms Katherine Milner

Teacher- YR1 (MAGNOLIA)

Ms Maisie Niall

Teacher - YR2 (ELDER)

Ms Geanella Carranza

Science Leader and Teacher - YR3 (SERRULA)

Mr Can Kilinc

Maths Leader and Teacher - YR4 (BEECH)

Ms Ines Fernandez (MATERNITY LEAVE)

Teacher- YR4 (HAZEL)

Ms Thahira Rahim

Teacher - YR5 (WILLOW)

Ms Ebru Oz

Literacy Leader and Teacher - YR6 (ARBUTUS)

Mr Joe Biswell

MFL Leader and Teacher

Ms Catherine Ryal

Teacher - Phonics

Support Staff

Ms Lara Alase

Nursery Education Officer - NURSERY (MULBERRY)

Ms Sharon Raymond

Nursery Education Officer - REC (PINE)

Ms Ranjeet Kaur

Nursery Education Officer - REC (ASPEN)

Ms Tara Bodimeade

Nursery Education Officer (MULBERRY)

Ms Salma Lunat

Teaching Assistant - YR 1

Ms Diane Cyrus

Teaching Assistant - YR 2

Mr David Brade

Teaching Assistant - YR 4/5

Ms Hamida Alibhai

Teaching Assistant - YR 3

Ms Fatima Haffeji

Teaching Assistant - YR 6

Ms Nadine Clarke

Learning Support Assistant

Ms Kym Robinson

Learning Support Assistant

Ms Lashmi Singh

Learning Support Assistant

Ms Josephine Clarkson

Learning Support Assistant

Ms Marcia Dorma

Learning Support Assistant

Ms Monica Stewart

Learning Support Assistant & Breakfast Club

Mr Harold Bennett

PE Coach

Ms Louise Gent

Music Teacher

Ms Joan Coggins

Music Teacher


Ms Jackie Carmichael

Playworker and Breakfast Club

Mr Nesta Brown

Playworker and PE Coach

Ms Tamanna Fardaus

Playworker and Breakfast Club

Site Manager

Mr Patrick Connor

Site Manager

Office Team

Ms Abeo Ward

Senior Finance Administrator


Admin Apprentice